massage therapy 

The incredible healing power of touch is well-documented and its applications are vast. Whether you are looking to relax, ease tension, address an injury site or even decrease blood pressure - massage can help. With regular massage, benefits can extend to better quality of sleep, reduced stress and reduced pain from a variety of conditions and injuries. 


Our experienced therapists are also great listeners - let them know why you came in and what you are hoping to achieve through massage. You can Book now, or swing by the clinic for a tour and meet some of our qualified staff or even learn more about some of our other treatments, like the Bioflex laser therapy. 



  • Assessment by a qualified Therapist
  • Education on your treatment
  • Preventative tips & home care
  • High-quality, fresh linens
  • Complimenting Aromatherapy 
  • Biotone Oils, Cream & Gel
  • Natural Pain-Relieving CryoDerm
  • BioFlex Laser, Myofascial Cupping & Hot Stone Massage Available at Request


relaxation or therapeutic massages


30 MINUTES $50

45 MINUTES $70

60 MINUTES $85



scheduled self care

Our talented massage therapists are in high-demand, book ahead to secure your preferred times!