myofascial yoga

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It is rooted in movement and breath and many adaptations and advancement have been made to the convention so that practitioners can experience relief from discomfort and increased mobility. For ongoing and elevated benefits, the discipline should be practiced regularly. 


Brenda Walsh, works with clients 1-on-1 and in private sessions, teaching proper movements and techniques. With an emphasis on Myofascial release, the intent is to work the connective tissue surrounding the muscle that can become "stuck" and cause tightness and discomfort. These simple and effective poses can be easily practiced at home to restore movement, energy and awareness into our bodies. 



  • Customization to meet your individual needs & physical limitations
  • Trauma-informed therapist
  • 75-90 Minutes of gentle lead stretching
  • Tailoring to your own functional movement needs
  • Complimenting aromatherapy
  • Natural pain relieving oils & lotions


75-90 MINUTES $90 1-person

75-90 MINUTES $60 2-people

75-90 MINUTES $40 3-people



scheduled self care

Our yoga sessions are in high-demand, book ahead to secure your preferred times!