our teaching philosophy

Whether you are a beginner or a student with years of experience, each class will offer and opportunity to grow. Our teachers are committed to an authentic approach to the fundamentals of yoga (there will be no twerking, jabbing or jumping in our classes). Wherever you are in in your own personal practice - our teachers will facilitate a positive experience for each student.

Our studio has been thoughtfully designed to be a peaceful space and our teachers are the custodians of creating a welcoming calm within our studio. We have sought-out yogis who are committed to creating an open space where each student feels a sense of belonging and safe to explore their movement and breath. The path to yoga is different for everyone and each of our teachers have unique gifts and teachings to share in our studio.

Brenda Walsh

Founder and Director, Brenda Walsh, RMT CLT RYT, took the long, scenic route to find her true calling in Massage and Laser Therapy. Her path began in Retail and Management where she acquired valuable business skills, but it was just a job. Then in 2003, feeling unsatisfied, she began to explore Health and Wellness when she took a position managing a Senior's Recreation Program through the YMCA. Observing how so few seniors had looked after their bodies and made moving a priority inspired her life mantra - "If I am going to be alive, I am going to be living."

The revelation set a course in motion. Brenda attained her Massage Therapy Certification (2,280 hours) and never looked back. Now a life-long learner in the art of Preventative Health and Wellness, she is also certified in a variety of Cold Laser techniques,  Myofascial Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT200 ), Certified Nutritional Therapist, and is currently completing an Advanced Clinical Weightloss Practioner certificate. 


Melanie Dawn

Melanie Dawn is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with advanced training in Yoga Nidra and Limiting Beliefs, Reiki Master/Teacher and a certified Yin Yoga Teacher. Outside of the yoga studio, Melanie is passionate about uncovering life patterns dominated by limiting beliefs and reconnecting the stories of our bodies with ourselves through private intuitive healing sessions. Transformation, health & peace - the journey is never ending and she is a continual seeker.




Meagan Fettes

Meagan is known as the Joy coach, teaching world-wide tools that people can use to access greater joy, abundance and success in their lives.  She breaks down the science and fundamentals of our mind, holding patterns and vibrational shifts to support people in stepping into a higher potential and live with more fulfilling relationships and work life.  Meagan’s teachings come from a deep understanding of Yoga Philosophy and embodying the skills of balancing our lower and higher minds to live a life with ease, balance and abundance.

For over 15 years Meagan has taught and coached others how to live from a heart space and utilize the skills of visualization and manifestation to create the life they desire.  She is a highly sought-after teacher with Yoga and Philosophy and continues to share her passion while empowering others to see what is possible for them in their lives.

Meagan is invested in the lives of others and feels incredibly fulfilled to guide and hold space for the growth of people around the world.  After years of challenges from drug abuse to financial struggle, she made the decision to change her life through understanding the body, mind and spirit and through the power of implementation and consistency shifted many things in her life. 

Currently living in Alberta with her two young boys and husband, Meagan is currently expanding her business as an international best-selling author and creating online and audio programs to offer the skills from The Law of Success and Yoga Philosophy to support the evolution and growth and generate more accessibility to people around the world.




Natalie Stuber

I was first introduced to yoga 7-8 years ago after sustaining an injury at work. What I found was completely unexpected, but very much welcomed. I was able to find relief from my pain and found a deep sense of relaxation which has also aided in the management of my autoimmune disorder. I have found that coming back to my mat time and time again gave me the permission I needed to take time out for myself. Yoga has affected my life in ways I never imagined possible, so much so that I was moved to take my 200hr teacher training. There are so many facets to yoga that I will forever be a student of the practice and will always be willing to share what I have learned with anyone that is interested. 



Lindsay Mac

For almost a decade now Lindsay has been working with and guiding people inward to rediscovering their truer selves. Using somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness, inner child connection and trauma informed techniques to assisting them to accessing their own inner wisdom and serenity. Through her own journey of healing and transformation as well as working with others Lindsay has become fascinated with the magnificent ability that human beings have to heal and change through even the most adverse of times. Wishing for all of humankind to know that no matter what they have gone through or where life has taken them there is absolutely a solution available.



Patricia Albright

Patricia started her journey in yoga when her children were very small.  Yoga gave her strength in a physical and emotional aspect while raising a family.  She literally fell in to teaching after moving from North Vancouver to a small town in the West Kootenays in the interior of British Columbia, where there was a need for a yoga teacher.

Patricia studied Iyengar-style and Vinyasa-style yoga, developed her multi-level classes, and with her love and compassion for teaching, taught to a loyal following of people for 20 years.

After moving to Kelowna, BC and a gap in teaching, she recently taught to active retirees.  Her classes were designed to teach women and men how to stretch, strengthen, align, release chronic tension, breathe and revitalize body systems to support healthy function. 

After 22 years of teaching, Patricia achieved her RYT Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in November 2018 with Kaity Rose Holsapple of Wild Earth Yoga School.   

Looking back on her yoga career, Patricia feels that through yoga poses and relaxation, we can experience being fully human, fully divine and fully alive.  She continues to be aware of how much more there still is to learn.  Learning and evolving in her own life, she is always moving towards balance. 

Patricia is semi-retired and lives in High River where she is passionate about her family, travel, optimal health and preserving the Earth.  Her background is in Social Sciences, a private holistic health care practice and Tourism and Hospitality.



Sandra Swanson

I have come to yoga late in life. I was curious about it years before I ever made it to my mat. I have practiced yoga for the better part of 10 years. I learnt Hatha, Yin, Restorative, then the many varieties of flow. I have practiced with many teachers, in a variety of studios, from beginner instructors to the most seasoned; they all come with nuggets of learning. As I transition in my own life from full time employee to retiree, I envision yoga to be an instrumental influence in my daily living not just for the asanas, but for the philosophy with which to guide my life. As a natural care-taker, I was drawn to the philosophy and more quiet practices, hence my decision to be taught in the Therapeutic Yoga discipline. Life has taught me, no matter our age, if we do not have pain free movement, our quality of life can be significantly impacted. I hope my yoga teachings will provide opportunities for students to learn more about themselves in relation to themselves, others and the world, while decreasing pain, building strength, increasing mobility and finding stillness in our busy world.