I have been a client of Westridge Laser and Massage for more than a decade. I have suffered greatly over many years due to an injury to my spine, and more recently to a degenerative condition. Brenda in particular has helped me greatly with massage and laser treatment, [she] is a knowledgeable and caring therapist. She takes her professional relationships seriously, but treats everyone as a friend. She researches best practices to help the healing process. She has reduced my pain and helped me heal. Brenda recognizes my limitations, but pushes me to my limits; she helps me set and meet my therapeutic goals. With Brenda, I always look forward to my next treatment because I know that I will leave feeling better than when I arrived.
— T.B.

Brenda Walsh has played a vital role in my continued good health for many years now. I was fortunate to have Brenda “assigned” to me earlier on her career and that was to my good fortune! I’m a faithful client who has followed her career and without hesitation, recommend Brenda to anyone, especially those that have unique medical conditions and concerns. The use of laser therapy combined with therapeutic massage has saved me many times! I’m forever impressed by her knowledge of human anatomy and various treatment methods to best help her clients. And although I believe she knows it all, Brenda continues to take training and attain new certifications to further assist her clients. In my many MANY years of massage treatments, by far, Brenda is the best!
— Cathy Reid

Brenda has been helping me for years with massage and infrared therapy and is always so accommodating at fitting me in! She has a vast knowledge and is always upgrading and learning new methods or other ways to help heal. If you have any aches or pains, she’s the woman who can help!
— Sara Marcia Miller (Source: Facebook Reviews)

I started seeing Brenda Walsh at Westridge Laser and Massage ten years ago. At that point, I had given up hope on feeling relief from shoulder tension, neck pain and severe headaches. Brenda was my last hope and she ended up giving me back a higher quality of life. Within a few visits, my headaches became less frequent and much milder. My shoulder pain lessened and I was able to keep up with my young kids again. My husband no longer arrived home at the end of the day to find me laying on the couch with an ice pack and a bucket. Brenda is a wealth of information when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and she keeps current on her training to provide the best treatment and support for her clients. When she started offering the laser treatments, I felt even more results without the typical post massage muscle tenderness. I started taking yoga classes from Brenda and was impressed with her skill level and depth of knowledge. The classes were relaxing, informative and therapeutic. I highly recommend Westridge Laser and Massage for anyone with chronic pain.
— Kristine Leonhardt-Spencer

I first went to Brenda Walsh at Westridge Laser & Massage to have laser treatment for planter fasciitis after enduring a year of constant pain, inability to walk any distance and ineffective physiotherapy treatments. After one treatment I noticed the lessening of pain. Improvement was evident after every treatment. After 4 treatments I was almost pain free, could wear shoes again and walk. After 6 treatments the pain was completely gone and has not recurred. At the same time, Brenda also performed massage therapy for an ongoing problem with hip pain and muscle contraction. Again, physiotherapy was not helping correct and alleviate the hip problem. After a few massage sessions with Brenda and monthly maintenance, the problem with my hip is under control and I can once again engage in activities I had given up. Brenda explores causes and offers solutions. She is knowledgeable, well-trained and always looking for new applications and remedies. I would highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough for being my “life saver”.
— Myrna Campbell